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Housing and Regeneration

Pressure to provide more housing with less funding is prompting registered providers to redefine their future purpose. 

The government has set a target of building 300,000 new homes per year by the mid 2020s. Many will be built and managed by registered providers requiring them to deliver increasingly large projects, often involving multiple parties and complex legal structures.

However, registered providers face significant financial pressures, leading many to look for alternative sources of income through diversification, partnerships and mergers.

They also face record numbers of disrepair claims from tenants that have been approached by specialist claims management companies. The Homes (Human Habitation) Act 2018 that came into force in March 2019 has further increased the hazards for which tenants can claim, exacerbating this challenging issue.

Finally, the Grenfell Tower fire has dented public trust in public sector landlords generally and placed further scrutiny on their procurement and risk management processes.

In order to navigate this complex and constantly evolving legal landscape, registered providers need advisers who are experts in the sector, who are on their side and who are able to guide them through every threat and opportunity - delivering on what matters now and for the road ahead.

We have one of the UK’s foremost housing and regeneration teams with over 100 years in the market and offer an unrivalled breadth of service.

We help our clients deliver new corporate structures, increased loan facilities and the major development projects necessary to meet the Government’s ambitious targets for new homes. We fight the disrepair claims that are eroding their limited resources and we provide them with the comprehensive legal services they need to achieve their goals.

Our top 10 clients manage in excess of a quarter of a million homes and we are proud to have helped them deliver some of the most exciting projects in the sector.

Our Clients Include

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