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Recruitment & Workforce Solutions

Brexit uncertainty and new legislation are driving the biggest changes in workers’ rights in over a generation. 

The Government’s 2018 ‘Good Work Plan’ tackles many challenges of the modern workplace, particularly the rise of the gig economy and the use of flexible labour. Consultations have been launched that could transform the gig economy and flexible labour market, and protect workers through reasonable notice periods and compensation for cancelled shifts.

Following perceived tax leakage, the government is proposing to reform the rules for IR35, off-payroll working in the private sector. From April 2020, the reform will shift the responsibility for paying tax from the contractor to the business paying the contractor’s company to prevent the loss of tax because of disguised employment.

These changes will result in amendments to the processes and procedures used in the supply of flexible labour, and will require review of the contracts used when engaging with contractors.

In a market which has relied on access to workers from the EU, recruiters are struggling to attract applicants due to Brexit uncertainty. As it becomes more difficult to source candidates and the process of hiring EU workers could become more lengthy and costly, engagement and compliance have become more important to successful recruiters.

In this fast changing and uncertain landscape, businesses need a partner with experience and expertise in all areas of recruitment law - someone who can act fast to protect their interests and provide essential legal advice - now and for the road ahead. 

Our work for recruiters covers employment advice, national minimum wage investigations, contracts, TUPE issues, gangmasters labour abuse authority issues, agency worker regulations advice, worker status and the Modern Slavery Act. We also advise on umbrella arrangements, commercial contracts including supply agreements, mergers and acquisitions, company structure work, corporate governance, share option, commission and bonus schemes, dispute resolution and property law.

We support over 600 clients ranging from volume recruiters supplying many thousands of workers to head-hunters and trade bodies such as TEAM, Powerhive and FCSA.

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