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There are many things to consider during the acquisition and financing stage of the process.

We’re with you every step of the way to support you with all matters, large or small.

Our team can develop Heads of Terms for Site Acquisition, exploring all available options to minimise delays and inefficiencies from the outset.  Our service exists to help you find the right acquisition method, to mitigate risk, and ensure that your development, funding and disposal of land is as efficient and seamless as possible.

We advise developers on a range of projects, from straight-forward acquisitions to complex regeneration projects involving multiple land-owners. Our experts will ensure that the risk associated with complex land acquisition and site assembly is well managed, with high quality and comprehensive advice tailored to your specific requirements and ambitions. 

Our expertise

Before beginning site due diligence activities, we’ll ensure we clearly understand your goals, and work with all parties to resolve as many issues as possible. We’ll provide you with the information you need to make commercial assessments and informed decisions.

Legal support for site infrastructure is an area where early planning can be of great benefit to a successful outcome. Our specialists can assist with your strategy for creating new roads and utilities infrastructure, or upgrading and connecting into existing ones. We’ll think ahead, to avoid any surprises for you further down the line.

Receiving expert funding document advice, ensures you don’t overlook sensible risk mitigation. Our team can provide you with the guidance you need before you agree terms or enter into funding documents, to help you avoid any unexpected consequences from making quick decisions.

Developing and executing a strategy to finance and secure a site is critical. Our advisory services have been specifically designed to provide you with the Development, Investment and Finance support you need at this important stage of a project.

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