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The trustees of Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses have been heavily criticised by the Charity Commission in a recently published report. The criticism stems from the trustees’ poor handling of child sex abuse allegations and their further lack of co-operation with the Commission.

Should payments and allowances received in respect of regular “voluntary” overtime be treated as forming part of a worker’s “normal remuneration” for the purpose of calculating the first four weeks of that worker’s holiday pay?

Yes, held the EAT in a recent judgment handed down in Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council -v- Willetts & Others [2017].


As the transfer window activity intensifies, we want to provide you with an insight into the transactional process which sees a player move from one club to another and highlight some of the main commercial and legal issues for the parties to consider.

All too often when I am speaking to dentists I hear the words “We don’t need a formal expense sharing agreement because…”. This is of course followed by a myriad of reasons; they have worked together for many years and never encountered any disagreements, they are working with a spouse or family member, their practice isn’t very large, they can’t afford one, they don’t like dealing with lawyers. As a lawyer specialising in the dental sector it may seem obvious that I will tell those dentists that they would be best protected in getting one, but it seems prudent to explain why.

The BBC’s recently revealed gender pay gap has attracted a lot of attention and criticism, which highlights the significant pressure employers may face due to the gender pay gap reporting legislation.  

Recent research from University College London has anticipated that by 2040 more than 1.2 million people will be living with dementia. Taking an ageing population into account, this number represents a significant increase on the number of people with dementia today. Anyone with a family member, elderly or otherwise, who has received a dementia diagnosis will appreciate how distressing dementia can be. However, it is important to put planning measures in place, before or on a diagnosis, to deal with the practical issues that are likely going forward. 

Since the coming into force of the Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013 (‘the Fees Order’) on 29 July 2013, any employee hoping to bring a claim against their employer / former employer in the employment tribunal has been liable to pay fees of up to £1,200 in order to do so.  The stats suggest that, following the introduction of the Fees Order, the number of tribunal claims being brought against employers (especially lower value claims) has fallen by approximately 70%.

A recent poll conducted by the independent research body Poplus revealed good news for the Charity Commission. Despite decreasing levels of trust in other industries, such as fundraising and financial markets, public trust in the Charity Commission has remained steady.

Over recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cyber-attacks with an aim of obtaining sensitive data. Previously this data was obtained through hacking, as in the 2015 attacks on the website Ashley Madison and network provider Talk Talk. However in 2017, the preferred method appears to be through the use of ransomware with the purpose of causing significant disruption and eliciting funds.

As a niche lawyer working within the dental sector, I am often involved with businesses experiencing periods of rapid growth. Whether the quick growth strategy is the way forward for you is a personal decision, depending on your individual circumstances, but many practice owners would benefit from implementing a clear strategy for developing and growing their business.