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As most will be aware, the position Minister for Civil Society has changed hands twice this year and the current role holder is Rob Wilson, Conservative MP for Reading East.

Mr Wilson has very recently given an interesting interview to Civil Society News in which he discussed plans to boost the capacity of charities and social enterprises to provide public services. It is anticipated that a significant portion of public services may be outsourced as government spending cuts continue, as announced in the Autumn Statement.

A recent decision of the Administrative Division of the High Court has provided useful guidance on the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service, as well as good news for insurers and brokers.

The judgment relates to a Directors’ and Officers’ liability (D&O) insurance policy and to whether a company director is a “consumer” under such a policy.

Recently released figures show that the number of professional negligence claims against law firms has almost tripled over the last 12 months.

The data, which has been released by the firm RPC, shows that the number of these claims in the High Court of Justice has jumped from 143 cases in 2012/2013 to 418 cases in 2013/2014.

Research carried out by Resolution , the national organisation of family lawyers , has emphasised the financial damage of divorce on  families as well as the consequent impact on businesses .

The comedian and actor Russell Brand has today threatened to take legal action over an article published on the front page of the Sun which alleged that he was a “hypocrite” because of his housing arrangements.  In this short article, we take a look at whether in principle calling somebody a “hypocrite” could give rise to a claim.

Whilst UK retailers continue the recent trend of adopting their American counterparts’ post-Thanksgiving price-slashing, the fourth Friday of November - now seemingly better known as ‘Black Friday’ - should also serve as a warning to stores not already diligent to the point of paranoia about the execution of their health and safety policies.

The calculation and payment of holiday pay for workers can be the cause of some major headaches in the recruitment industry. Many recruitment businesses will be aware of the problems with “rolling up” holiday pay into a worker’s hourly rate (namely, that the practice is unlawful following a European case called Robinson Steele v RD Retails Services Ltd), but what about calculating the amount of holiday pay due where an element of the worker’s pay is based on commission or another variable component?

The recent unceremonious dumping of a woman by text citing several bizarre reasons for doing so has gone viral.  If only it was always this easy, however, to get out of commercial relationships.

On 18 November 2014, I attended the University of Liverpool’s annual lecture in honour of Fred Freeman.

Fred Freeman was born into a family of Liverpool shopkeepers in 1921 and devoted much of his life to charitable work and founded the concept of Payroll Giving, enabling millions of pounds to be distributed annually to those in need.

A Blackpool hotelier who levied a £100 charge to customers who left a “bad review” on the website Trip Advisor is now under investigation by Trading Standards.

The hotel allege that a clause in their terms and conditions, which are presented to customers along with booking documents, permits them to charge a maximum of £100 per review.