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Clubcard rebrand incoming as Tesco loses legal battle against rival supermarket Lidl

Lidl and Tesco's legal battle highlights the need for businesses to register their trademarks to protect their brands.

On-field contracts — a straightforward guide for football players

Eleanor Green explores 'on-field' contracts to help players protect their reputations, financial security and rights.

The true impact of endometriosis in the workplace — a guide for employers

The true impact of endometriosis on both employees and employers.

Public Procurement Law Developments – April 2024

We consider the significance of these changes and what they mean for public procurement law practitioners.

Media obligations and athlete welfare — should footballers be ‘mentally fit’ for interview?

In football, most contracts and competition rules obligate players to appear before the media. Is it time for change?

Increases to statutory payments, NMW and more in April 2024

As of 1 April, the National Living Wage has increased to £11.44 and has been extended to those aged 21 years and over.

Smart mouthguards in rugby — do they go far enough to protect players from concussions?

How smart mouthguards and other technologies are being used to assess head injuries and protect players.

The Procurement Act 2023 demands more transparency from contracting authorities

How will the Procurement Act’s objectives replace existing procurement principles? Our commercial law team explores.

Construction contracts and adverse weather — when can you claim for loss and expense?

Every contractor has been affected by an ‘employer delay event’. When are you entitled to claim for loss and expense?

Prenups — has the time come to make them fully legally binding?

While pre-nuptial agreements can be highly persuasive to a court, they aren’t legally binding in England & Wales.