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Cohabitation Lawyers

Protect your rights if you cohabit with your partner.

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We're here to protect your individual rights and interests if you cohabit with your partner.

There is a myth that cohabitation with your partner constitutes a common law marriage which would provide the same financial rights as a married couple in the event that your relationship breaks down. This is untrue. If circumstances change, your financial security may be at risk.

However, it’s possible to make financial claims even if your home is owned in your partner’s name. Such claims can be substantial if there are dependent children involved.

This area of law is confusing, highly fact-specific and nothing is guaranteed. Couples often don’t understand their rights and disputes of this nature can lead to litigation.

Safeguarding the interests of cohabitees

Our award-winning and experienced family lawyers are experts in what they do. 

We have a highly successful track record in safeguarding the interests of cohabitees even in the most difficult circumstances. 

Our warm and welcoming offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Lancashire provide comfortable settings for sensitive discussions.

We can protect your rights as a cohabitee and homeowner so that you can plan for the future, whatever happens. 

We can also advise you of your rights and claims as a non-owning cohabitee, especially in the event that you have children from that relationship.

This area of law straddles both family and civil litigation rules. We're well-versed in this dual approach and the complex cost rules and can guide and support you through the dispute resolution process.

We provide clear and transparent advice at the times when you need it most.

Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996


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