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Artificial Intelligence

We help you to navigate the commercial and regulatory legal issues surrounding AI.

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Regulators promote the responsible use of data, creating legal pressures for those seeking to harness the benefits of AI.

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is not new, but the growth in computing power in recent decades, coupled with the availability of almost unlimited data-sets, has created the fastest-growing and most-invested technology sector to date.

At the same time, regulators remain resolutely focused on ensuring the responsible use and protection of data. The Information Commissioner’s Office has identified AI as one of its three strategic priorities and lists three distinctive aspects of big data analytics that can raise data protection implications. These are the new ways of using algorithms, the opacity of the processing and the tendency to collect and analyse all of the data that is available, often for new purposes.

Along with the seven key principles in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this raises a real tension with data-driven AI products and services and extreme care must be taken by businesses in that sector to ensure that they make GDPR compliance central to their development and deployment plans. With fines for breaches set at very high levels, this is a critical area that cannot be ignored.

Knowledge, insight & action you can trust

To harness the power of AI while fulfilling data protection obligations, organisations need knowledge, insight and action they can trust. They must also be alive to the profound liability issues that surround reliance on artificial intelligence in commercial decision-making.

Whether your business is aimed at or reliant on a general AI solution with broad applicability to tasks usually requiring human input, or a narrow AI solution focusing on algorithms that are designed to solve a particular problem, our highly experienced team is equipped to help you navigate the commercial and regulatory legal issues.

Acting for a high number of emerging digital industry clients, including gaming companies and app developers, Brabners’ practice is well-placed to support clients in the start-up space.

The Legal 500, 2024

Colin Bell… has significant experience in IT and software development agreements. Nik White [assists] clients in the tech space with commercial contract negotiations... Richard Hough and Matt Brown are also recommended for commercial contract work.

The Legal 500 2024

We were delighted with the work of Brabners’ team. Mark and Daniel were excellent, really easy to work with. We couldn’t have been in better hands.


Reliability, approachability, service oriented, responsive, knowledgeable. These are the things that I think others would want to know and therefore would give me confidence in recommending.


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