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Why we’re partnering with the Manchester 2023 Para Swimming World Championships

AuthorsKate Barlow

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Why were partnering with the Manchester 2023 Para Swimming World Championships

With the Manchester 2023 Para Swimming World Championships kicking off next week, Associate Kate Barlow outlines more about why we chose to support the event as its official Legal Partner.


Inspiring sportspeople

We are so proud to be partnering with the Para Swimming World Championships alongside many other great businesses.

In a recent video to promote the Para Swimming World Championships, paralympic champion Masie Summers-Newton said: “If I can inspire just one person to take up swimming — no matter their disability or age — I think it would just be incredible.”

This statement really hits the nail on the head for us and is a major reason why we were so keen to get involved.

We truly believe in the power of the Para Swimming World Championships and other para events to inspire people to take up sport and improve their physical and mental health while joining a community of like-minded people.

Our dedicated sports team has represented British Swimming for many years, so we’re pleased to play our part in bringing para swimming to a global audience from the North. And what better place to host the Championships than Manchester — a proudly Northern city famous for its friendliness and unbreakable spirit.


Inspiring openness and positive change

Within Brabners we have various internal groups that each focus on key aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I). These include BAME, gender diversity, LGBT+, social mobility and physical and mental health. These groups all support our people team with our colleague-led, data-informed people strategy which has ED&I at its core.

Where physical and mental health is concerned, we want to play a small part in helping to create an environment where people are comfortable in talking openly, without fear of judgement. We seek to promote equality of opportunity for our people and those seeking to join the profession, who might be managing long-term physical and/or mental health conditions.

From marking public occasions like World Mental Health Day and Pride Month to organising running clubs, weekly yoga sessions and partnering with events like the Para Swimming World Championships, we hope to inspire positive change in our firm, the legal industry and the communities we serve as part of our mission to make the difference.

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