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What is True North?

True North is a network of like-minded organisations committed to supporting the future of the North.

It unites the region’s most influential and purpose-driven voices to co-create a path forward with a view to unlocking the true potential of the Northern economy.

Together, we’re building a more sustainable, equitable and innovative tomorrow.

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The True North Network

From Manchester to Morecambe Bay, Liverpool to Leeds, Sheffield to Sunderland, Bradford to Blackpool, the North is a rich tapestry of people, businesses, innovation and opportunity.

Yet we're still missing a strategic vision for the North as a whole and a recognition that our successes aren’t confined to silos.

Where challenges present themselves, there are any number of initiatives and organisations driven to breaking down barriers in communities, opening up access to the workplace and networks, and driving investment into our towns and cities.

True North is about highlighting all this activity and bringing it together in one place. One network for purpose-led organisations, our 'Northern Stars' — small businesses, SMEs, social enterprises and foundations — who don’t have a voice.

If you're a like-minded organisation, committed to collaboration and supporting the future of the North, we want you to join us.

Sign up to join our network and be among the first to hear about future events, insights and opportunities.

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Why create True North?

In 2023 we held a series of events across Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield. Each focused on just some of the Northern organisations and people delivering positive change around four core areas: skills, sustainability, society and innovation. Our guests included influential and change-making organisations with a presence in the North.

These events reinforced our belief that there is a desire to go further than the concept of the Northern Powerhouse by developing meaningful partnerships and a culture of collaboration, aimed at building a better understanding of where the greatest opportunities lie for the region’s prosperity.

These conversations led us to research and produce a report that offers the perspectives of local leaders about the challenges we face, the opportunities in front of us and the role of business in driving progress for a brighter and greener future.

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True North Advisory Council

The True North Advisory Council brings together leaders that are at the heart of transformative projects and impactful research across the North. 

It's designed to connect like-minded businesses and other organisations from across the region to collaborate, identify new partnerships and help to scale their impact — leveraging what works locally on a regional-wide level across four key challenge areas using data-led insights.

True North: Defining Northern Ambition

Read the report. Join the network. Inspire change.

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Northern Stars

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Want to play your part? 

Join over 150 organisations in the True North network.

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