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Defamation & Privacy Lawyers

Fast and clear advice when you're under attack.

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Our media lawyers provide fast and clear advice when you are subject of adverse media interest or online attacks.

These days a well-established personal or professional reputation can be damaged in seconds by a single internet posting, especially if it attracts attention from the press.

If you have been approached by a journalist or reporter and are facing a potentially damaging or defamatory article or broadcast, it is important not to panic or feel pressured to respond. Instructing our specialist team will put a protective barrier between you and the media outlet. We will advise you on the full range of options including obtaining an injunction to stop the material coming to light.

If false or intrusive content has already appeared we will take action to secure a retraction, an apology or, in the case of online content, have it taken down. We are also vastly experienced in bringing and defending media claims in the High Court and all the way up to the Court of Appeal.

No nonsense crisis management

We specialise in providing advice on defamation and privacy issues in a time of crisis. We quickly stop or repair damage, whether it is through court proceedings, regulatory complaints or negotiation. Our team of experienced media lawyers has a track record in handling confidential issues and securing significant damages, apologies, retractions and other orders to protect the rights of our clients.

We act for a wide range of clients, many of whom operate in sport, technology and entertainment sectors. They include household names such as Premier League football clubs, high-profile international athletes and other individuals and organisations who want to exercise their right to protect their reputation and privacy.

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