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Child Relocation

Deciding where a child lives when parents separate and relocate can be a complex issue.

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When a relationship breaks down, it may be the case that one or both parents wish to relocate. Deciding on where a child will live can be a complex issue.

If a child is taken abroad without the relevant consent being obtained, this could amount to the criminal offence of child abduction.

A child also shouldn’t be moved away from the area in which they usually live within the UK without the relevant permissions being sought from everyone with parental responsibility.

If parents cannot reach an agreement on arrangements for their children, it might be necessary for one parent to make an application to the court for permission to relocate with their children.

Similarly, if consent for relocating a child is being unreasonably withheld, then it’s important to take legal advice to outline your available options.

Child relocation is a contentious area of law. Applications to the court for permission are rarely straightforward and often met with emotive opposition from the other party. 

It’s therefore critical to obtain good legal advice on these matters from the outset — and our award-winning family law team is on-hand to support you and your family.


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