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A successful acquisition is a proven method of building value within a business.

For business leaders and entrepreneurs, acquisitions can provide access to new customers and markets, remove a competitive threat, integrate supply chain or provide synergies. The acquisition target could be a business, brand or product.

Our Deal Advisory team has the networks and research capabilities to help you identify strategic acquisition targets, and make initial contact with them on your behalf. Equally we are able to work with your project after initial contact has been made with a target business.

Your company might have its own funds or we may fundraise to find the most suitable funding structure.

Our integrated deal advisory and legal team is able to assess the potential risks at the outset of a proposed deal, avoiding wasted time and resources further into the crucial stages of a process.

Corporate acquisitions can be high-risk, time consuming and distracting. Our hands-on approach ensures you remain focused on the management of your current business and are taking the right steps to plan for growth.

What Can You Do?

  • Question the potential added value
  • Determine you’ve the skills to deliver
  • Be ready to be opportunistic
  • Be ready to pay the right price
  • Don’t be afraid to stop the process if it doesn’t stack up
  • Use appropriate due diligence to confirm the deal
  • Don’t put your existing business at risk
  • Consider the impact this process will have to existing customers

What Will We Do?

  • Talk to you on a no-obligation basis about the suitability of your business for an acquisition
  • Appraise your business and propose the next move
  • Identify and appraise suitable acquisition targets
  • Make confidential approaches to potential targets
  • Give an independent view on the value of the target business
  • Calculate the potential returns on your investment
  • Negotiate the best possible deal
  • Devise the optimum funding structure
  • Make introductions to funders
  • Secure the acquisition finance
  • Manage the acquisition and the fundraising, through to successful completion
  • Provide post-transaction support


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