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We're proud to work with some of the UK’s largest maritime businesses.

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Leaps in technology and the resulting changes to workforce requirements are transforming the maritime market.

Technology is transforming the maritime market. AI is challenging existing operating practices and advances like blockchain provide efficient methods to track cargo globally in a cost effective and secure manner.

With these advances come changes to workforce requirements, with a greater demand for skilled and data-savvy workers with high levels of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) knowledge. Modern port operators and maritime businesses require teams that are able to create, operate and maintain autonomous and technological systems. This creates challenges in retaining and upskilling existing workforces.

Port assets also need to be updated and repurposed to meet the changing needs of their customers and occupiers. Keeping property assets and plant and machinery at the cutting edge will require port operators to embrace new technologies and invest significantly to maintain and increase income levels.

Political initiatives such as the Northern Powerhouse could lead to the supply chain landscape changing nationally, particularly due to increased investment in transport infrastructure in the North of England. This could create significant opportunities for port operators, users and customers as cargo moves away from the current South East dominance.

Our experience

Maritime businesses require advisors who are able to tackle the complexities of the market. With nearly 30 years’ experience supporting maritime clients, we get the job done.

Our advice covers multiple business areas including commercial contracts, procurement, property, planning and environmental law, corporate transactions, banking and finance advice, tax advice, dispute resolution and employment and pensions.

We're proud to be working with some of the UK’s largest maritime businesses, including port operators with turnover in excess of £700m and global container shipping companies.

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