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True North: Northern Star — Fleetsolve

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True North, Environmental

True North Northern Star Fleetsolve

Fleetsolve is a multi-award-winning renewable power business that delivers energy security, supports the energy transition and helps to deliver on-site industrial decarbonisation across the UK and Ireland.

As part of our True North report, we celebrate our 'Northern Stars' — selected organisations that we highlight as having the right approach to addressing core challenges. Here we take a look at Fleetsolve.


Innovating energy solutions for over two decades

Based just outside Liverpool on the Wirral, Fleetsolve adopts a holistic, stakeholder-led approach to address diverse business energy challenges. At the helm is CEO and founder Keith O’Connor, whose passion for engines, alternative fuels and innovative energy solutions drove him to establish a company that not only adapts but thrives in a changing energy landscape. This is something he did more than 20 years ago, when the conversation around renewables and pace of change was very different to today.

Fleetsolve partners closely with a wide range of clients and businesses from the built environment, ranging from public sector entities across local authorities, education and the NHS, to companies in industrial sectors such as chemical production and food processing. This collaborative stakeholder model ensures that it crafts solutions that work for its customers, both now and into the future.


Achieving carbon reduction targets

The driving force behind Fleetsolve’s mission is the imperative to achieve carbon reduction targets. The company assists clients in scrutinising their current energy consumption patterns across heating, cooling and power usage. This comprehensive evaluation serves as the foundation for its ‘Energy as a Service’ process, where Fleetsolve’s experts meticulously design prime energy solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

A cornerstone of the company’s offering is the design and manufacture of innovative onsite combined heat power (CHP) units. Capable of running to meet the energy needs of the building on a variety of renewable fuels, these units deliver electricity, heating and cooling from a single fuel source. Whether clients seek fiscal benefits, carbon neutrality, resilience or a strategic blend, Fleetsolve’s CHP units offer customisable solutions to meet diverse needs.


A collective movement towards a sustainable future

The company’s commitment to innovation extends beyond products to its internal infrastructure. Fleetsolve boasts an in-house team of engineering design experts, carbon researchers and software modellers, augmented by a huge database containing two decades’ worth of operational insights. This rich trove of data — combined with cutting-edge design capabilities — empowers its team to create sustainable solutions that bridge the gap between carbon reduction goals and operational realities.

Fleetsolve’s impact resonates far beyond its immediate client base. By enabling private and public sector businesses, developers and large-scale commercial landlords to transition towards carbon neutrality, the company is fostering a collective movement to a sustainable future. This impact is particularly pronounced in the higher education sector, where it has been instrumental in helping universities to align their operational practices with sustainability-focused curricula.


Northern pioneers of the energy transition

As the world grapples with the mission-critical challenges of carbon reduction and sustainable energy, Fleetsolve shows the way forward from its home in the North, with an unwavering pursuit of innovation and sustainability rooted in the pragmatic economic necessity of the energy transition.

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