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Indefinite extension to CE marking a boon to manufacturing

AuthorsClaire Burrows

Indefinite extension to CE marking a boon to manufacturing

The Department for Business and Trade has announced an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking in the UK, which will be recognised alongside the new UKCA mark, our specialist regulatory compliance lawyer Claire Burrows reports.


Easing regulation

The end of the transition period for the full implementation of the UKCA regime was previously set for December 2024 — at which point, CE marks would have no longer been recognised as demonstrating conformity of products placed on the UK market.

Now, the Business Secretary has taken action to remove uncertainty and ease some of the many regulatory burdens imposed on businesses in the post-Brexit world.


Great news for manufacturers and UK economy

Manufacturers (and others) responsible for conformity marking products in supply chains will no doubt welcome and support the decision that will allow them to choose whether to use the UKCA or CE regimes to sell products in Great Britain.

This will save significant time and money throughout supply chains — particularly for economic operators that place products on multiple markets across Europe, who would otherwise have had dual compliance regimes to implement, manage and adhere to.

It's clear that this decision is intended to encourage investment in the UK economy. In our eyes, it’s bound to have a positive impact.


Which products does this apply to?

Please be aware that this only applies to products regulated by the Department for Business and Trade.

These include:

Different rules will apply to:

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