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National Apprenticeship Week — developing talent with Brabners Career Pathways

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National Apprenticeship Week developing talent with Brabners Career Pathways

National Apprenticeship Week has arrived. From 5 to 11 February, employers and educational institutions around the country are celebrating apprenticeships as an essential option for people looking to progress in their careers.

While we’ve embraced apprenticeships for many years now, this year we’re taking it even further with the launch of Brabners Career Pathways — a progression programme that celebrates our inclusive learning culture and places apprenticeships at the forefront of development opportunities for our people.

We spoke to several of our apprentices to get their views on the pathways they chose.

Our apprentices

We understand that life can be busy — especially while studying. That’s why we’re keen to support those who are ambitious about their future, including through additional study leave during demanding times. The flexibility of apprenticeships — which combine on-the-job training with off-the-job study time — presents a number of ‘career pathways’, helping our people to choose the right route to progression in either a legal or non-legal career.

We deliver apprenticeship programmes through a diverse and engaging range of platforms, including online resources, group coaching and one-to-one attention. Our partnership with Damar Training — powered through BARBRI platforms — ensures that we provide outstanding learning opportunities. Damar’s programmes enable apprentices and their managers to identify and develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that support today’s learners. Its collaboration with O Shaped embeds skills development throughout the programme. 

We’re fortunate to be able to fund our apprenticeship programmes through the apprenticeship levy — allowing our apprentices to undertake training without the worry of student finance or loans. We also provide a bursary to help fund additional learning materials. 

Our apprentices are also supported through regular check-ins with their managers and our learning and development team. We encourage apprentices to meet regularly through social activities to share good practice and support one another.

Helping our people to progress through inclusive, supportive, flexible and collaborative apprenticeships can really make the difference to their careers.

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