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Personal Insolvency & Bankruptcy

We support you with personal insolvency and bankruptcy matters.

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The law surrounding bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements and other personal insolvency procedures is complex and needs to be carefully navigated.

We provide expert advice around all legal issues relating to personal insolvency and will guide you through each step of the insolvency process so you can achieve your aims.

Our insolvency team includes experts in personal insolvency law who are experienced in providing the empathetic and pragmatic advice you need when it matters most.

Our expertise

We advise on a range of issues from preparing statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions to making applications to annul bankruptcies. We can contest statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions on your behalf when you have been threatened with insolvency.

We also advise businesses and individuals on a range of financial issues and can assist in preparing or defending statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions. This includes taking on an advisory role as well as handling some of the more contentious aspects of bankruptcies such as joint ownership and antecedent transactions.

In addition, we represent parties who have been brought into bankruptcy proceedings by their dealings or transactions with the bankrupted person in question, such as co-owners of property.

We are experienced in acting for local and national insolvency practitioners and also advise individual clients faced with challenging and uncertain times.

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