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Reproductive Health

We provide an empathetic service, helping organisations to support employees experiencing reproductive health issues.

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Many people will be affected by reproductive health issues at some point during their lives, whether directly or indirectly. It is fundamental for any organisation to provide the necessary support to help employees, however they are impacted. 

When thinking about reproductive health, the issues can be wide-ranging. From menopause to menstrual health, to fertility issues including baby loss, employers need to be aware of the personal challenges experienced by employees, as well as the potential impact of this on their loved ones. It is easy to forget that partners, for example, are also very likely to be impacted by these issues.

Our expertise

Our team is made up of experienced lawyers who can help you ensure your organisation is compliant with employment law, draft policies and procedures, provide training and advise you on the practical steps you can put in place to support employees going through reproductive health issues. As well as advising employers on these issues we also act for employees who are facing challenges at work due to reproductive health-related issues.

Our experiences of these challenges, either through personal experience or knowing people who have experienced these issues, allow us to provide a bespoke, empathetic service to our clients.

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