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Mark Fenning Half Body Profile

Mark Fenning

Business Development Director

0161 836 8937
0798 428 6556

Mark is our Business Development Director and a member of the Operational Director team.

He’s responsible for supporting the delivery of our business strategy and achieving sustainable growth, as well as overseeing our client development, business development, bid management, and commercial business partnering programmes.

Our business development team focuses on building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and improving the experience they have when working with us. Driven by data, it provides actionable insights to every section of our business to inform and influence strategy and decision making.

Mark has deep knowledge of customer-centric service delivery and believes that business development is all about having a greater understanding of our clients. He wants us to continue building a reputation as a trusted advisor and creator of true value within their business or personal lives — helping to achieve their aspirations or standing alongside them in challenging situations.       

A qualified Solicitor, Mark moved into business development and management over 14 years ago. He has developed a strong commercial mindset as well as key leadership and managerial skills.

Before joining us in April 2023, Mark held the position of Partner and Sales Director at a law firm and risk management company, where he had worked for almost 18 years.