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True North: Northern Star — Regeneration Brainery

True North Northern Star Regeneration Brainery

Regeneration Brainery is a Greater Manchester based social enterprise with a mission to revolutionise the property and construction sector. Its approach is rooted in a commitment to inclusivity, social mobility and community representation, addressing the skills gap and lack of diversity prevalent in the sector.

As part of our True North report, we celebrate our 'Northern Stars' — selected organisations that we highlight as having the right approach to addressing core challenges. Here we take a look at Regeneration Brainery.


Identifying potential and projecting young voices

By strategically engaging with harder-to-reach young people in schools and colleges across the country, Regeneration Brainery identifies potential and helps to project young voices, so that regeneration truly reflects the needs of the local community.

Regeneration Brainery recognises the importance of community representation in the decision-making process. Its ethos revolves around the idea that communities should be designed and developed by individuals who understand their needs intimately. This principle informs its efforts to create opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds to engage in urban development.

By involving individuals with lived experiences, Regeneration Brainery promotes authentic and meaningful community representation in regeneration initiatives. 


Laying the foundations with ‘Brainery Bootcamp

Part of the process for students is the immersive ‘Brainery Bootcamp’ — a week-long programme that lays the foundations for skills development, networking and social interaction. However, the relationship between Regeneration Brainery and young people doesn’t end there. 

The organisation’s unique approach involves nurturing participants beyond the bootcamp, with a focus on continuous engagement. Young alumni are encouraged to stay involved for several years, serving as ambassadors and mentors. This extended commitment enhances participants’ confidence, networking skills and employability prospects. 


Nurturing young talent towards job readiness

In addition to involving a more diverse set of people in placemaking, Regeneration Brainery supports those same people towards job readiness, addressing the skills gap and ensuring a more inclusive talent pool. 

While it takes a targeted and time-consuming approach to identifying young people for its programme, Regeneration Brainery has made significant inroads in the communities it serves across the country — including in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Stoke. 


Reshaping the property and construction sector

It engages with around 4,000 young people each year, with twice the number of female participants than the industry average. Regeneration Brainery’s holistic approach serves as a model for addressing diversity and skills disparities in the property and construction sector.

By nurturing young talent, boosting confidence and promoting community representation, it is taking small steps to reshape the sector’s landscape.


Download the True North report and join the network.

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