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Trustee training

Trustee training

Becoming a charity trustee can be a richly rewarding experience, but the role is not an easy one as it brings with it responsibilities in law and the risk of personal liability if you do not get it right. It is important that trustees understand the key ingredients which make them competent in their role, able to effectively discharge their duties and better able to lead the charity. 

This training session has been designed to highlight your legal duties so that you understand where things can go wrong, what tasks you must perform and provide you with some practical tips to make you a more effective board member.

This trustee training course is aimed at existing trustees looking for a refresher as well as individuals who are new to the role or are attracted by the idea of becoming a trustee but need to know more.

Attendees on our trustee training course will leave the session with answers to the following key questions:

  • What is the difference between unincorporated charity structures and that of a company?
  • Are the risks so great for us that we need the comfort of limited liability?
  • What are my legal responsibilities as a charity trustee?
  • Am I eligible to serve as a charity trustee?
  • What other legislation should I be concerned about?
  • Are the directors of a charitable company, the trustees?
  • If I am the trustee of a charitable company do I have additional duties?
  • Is there a distinction between duties and powers?
  • What is a charity’s governing document?
  • Am I able to leave the operations of the charity in the hands of the Chief Executive?
  • How often should the board meet?
  • What should I do to ensure that tasks are properly delegated?
  • What is a breach of trust and will it leave our trustees liable?
  • What checks should our board undertake to ensure that our charity remains solvent?
  • Am I able to claim expenses as a charity trustee?
  • How should we manage conflicts of interest?
  • I have been co-opted onto the board of trustees.  Do I have voting rights?
  • What makes a good trustee a great trustee?
  • What should I be careful of in managing my charity?

Our trustee training course is run as both a general session open to anybody but can also be organised as a bespoke training session, open only to a single charity’s board of trustees. Bespoke sessions will cover issues relevant to your particular charity as well as the contents of your governing document.

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