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A business insight into Founder Insights

A business insight into Founder Insights

Thursday 29th June 2017

We have seen dramatic changes and rapid developments for businesses in Manchester over the last ten years. Many start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs are coming to the North to invest in new ventures, build up new connections and tap into the flourishing market and opportunities the city has to offer.

Manchester has managed to create buzz around young business entrepreneurs and has its eye on becoming the UK’s tech capital. 

Founder Insights is a quarterly event inspired by the success stories of businesses and entrepreneurs who have helped the city grow and prosper. At every event founders of blooming tech companies are invited to share their journey to success. These events provide individuals with great opportunities to network with likeminded members of the Manchester business community over some drinks and to share tips and advice on how to improve their businesses. 

Luke Grimes is the man behind both Founder Insights and the software development agency Webantic. Brabners are delighted to be sponsoring such a unique event.

Here at Brabners LLP, we pride ourselves on being lawyers with a ‘can do’ attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit. With a specialist tech, digital and creative sector team focused on helping the tech scene in and around the North West we are passionate about creating the right environment for ambitious businesses to thrive and grow, which is why we thought Founder Insights is a great event for the sector. 

Here Luke and Jake O’Brien, who leads on our tech, digital and creative sector support in the city discuss where Founder Insights came from and some of the key issues founders and entrepreneurs are facing currently.

Jake suggests that: “From a legal perspective, there are a lot of simple steps that young entrepreneurs and start-ups can take at the outset which will make life a lot easier further down the line. Things such as taking ownership of IP and understanding laws of confidentiality are inexpensive easy wins that a lawyer can point you in the right direction on in a 10-minute phone call.”

“One of the things I love about Founder Insights is the quality of the audience. For any young entrepreneurs looking to network in the Manchester tech community then this is a great opportunity to bounce ideas around and speak to real influencers. I think the audience is a reflection of the quality of the people on the stage. Luke is someone who over the last few years has grown into a really successful and accomplished businessman, and the guests, first Paul and now Al, are a real inspiration to a lot of people in the city.”

In addition Luke continues: “At Webantic, we are fortunate to work with a number of start-ups and have always been interested in what sets some founders apart in terms of their ability to achieve high levels of success. I started Founder Insights so that we can explore this very topic in a public environment.

Manchester is a forward thinking, collaborative place which has a myriad of successful tech companies and Founder Insights is a platform for others to learn from and be inspired by some of the people behind these businesses.”

Furthermore, Luke gives some tips on the main issues individuals might need to consider when starting their own business in such dynamic and competitive market as the one Manchester has to offer.

“I think that largely comes down to what you are trying to achieve and naturally sector specific in terms of the challenges you are likely to encounter. Personally I believe that businesses which specialise, have a clear vision and understand their customers are going to have a better chance of breaking into a competitive market and doing well.”

At the last Founder Insights event we had the chance to find out more about Fatsoma and their business journey from the company’s Co-founder Paul Stacey.

On Thursday 6 July, Luke will be having a friendly chat with Al Mackin, Founder of Formisimo, the eWord and Nudgr. Come along and join us for an evening of fun and networking (with some beer and wine). Book your place today to avoid disappointment. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jake or Luke via email.